IRENA报告:太阳能成本大幅下降 全球50%以上燃煤电厂或被削减

IRENA报告:太阳能成本大幅下降 全球50%以上燃煤电厂或被削减
IRENA报告:太阳能成本大幅下降 全球50%以上燃煤电厂或被削减

发布时间:2020-06-20 来源:宜减煤 Farewell Coal

据卫报6月2日报道,一份关于全球可再生能源的报告显示,新建太阳能项目产生的电力,要比目前全球大多数燃煤电厂发的电更便宜。Building new solar power projects would generate cheaper electricity than running most of the world’s existing coal power plants, according to a global renewable energy report.

新数据表明,全球一半以上的燃煤电厂会被削减,因为新的大规模太阳能项目的成本下降——目前这些项目的建设成本比2010年便宜80%以上。New figures have revealed that more than half of the world’s coal plants could be undercut by the falling cost of new large-scale solar projects, which are now more than 80% cheaper to build than in 2010.

国际可再生能源机构(IRENA)发现,全球现有1200吉瓦的煤炭产能的运营成本可能要比新建公用事业规模的太阳能发电厂更高。The International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) has found that up to 1,200 gigawatts of the world’s existing coal capacity could cost more to run than the cost of new utility-scale solar plants.

根据IRENA的发现,如果能源公司用新的太阳能发电项目或陆上风电场仅替换其最昂贵的燃煤电厂——全球总计500吉瓦,每年就可以节省多达230亿美元(180亿英镑),并比上一年减少5%的全球碳排放总量。If energy companies replaced only their most expensive coal plants with new solar power projects or onshore wind farms, totalling 500 GW globally, they could save up to $23bn (£18bn) every year and wipe out 5% of last year’s total global carbon emissions, according to Irena.

随着世界经济从冠状病毒危机中复苏,全球可再生能源的繁荣还将刺激9400亿美元的投资,相当于全球GDP的1%。This global renewable energy boom would also stimulate $940bn in investment, or the equivalent of 1% of global GDP, as the world emerges from the economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis.


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